Get Involved Virtually on MLK Day

Jan. 18 / 2021

MLK Day has become not only a day of remembrance that celebrates the life and achievements of the influential American civil rights leader, but a day of service for all Americans to help those in need, reflect on his message and acknowledge that there is still work to be done to end social injustice for people of color in our country.

Since volunteering in person isn’t possible this year due to COVID, we encourage you to check out some virtual events happening in Milwaukee today or take some time for self-reflection and education to honor the day.


Virtual engagements events in Milwaukee

Additionally, the New York Times put together a list of movies/documentaries to stream today, and the platforms they’re available on:

For more information on local and national organizations that support the fight against social injustice, revisit our post from June:

Jun 2024



Upcoming Events

Saturday | Sep 7, 2024

1964 The Tribute

The Pabst Theater
Event Starts 8:00 PM
Saturday | Oct 5, 2024

The Rush Tribute Project

The Pabst Theater
Event Starts 7:00 PM
Saturday | Nov 2, 2024


Belew/Vai/Levin/Carey play 80s King Crimson

The Riverside Theater
Event Starts 8:00 PM