Marrying Backstage Charm with Indie Vibes, Alvvays Style

Apr. 26 / 2024

Last week, Milwaukee experienced a fusion of indie dreampop and gastronomic delights in what can only be described as a harmonious symphony for the senses - at least, if you were backstage, that is.

If you were in the crowd for the show, you were lucky to experience Alvvays' triumphant return to Milwaukee for what Milwaukee Record called an instantly iconic performance, and we couldn't agree more. Check out photos from the show to get a taste of this essential indie performance. 

Alvvays at Pabst Theater, captured by Harrison Dilts

The band has a rich history playing the iconic Pabst Theater, having last played here in 2018 as archived by the Marquette Wire (quoted below).

Upon taking the stage, front woman Molly Rankin said, “It’s great to be here,” followed by a joke about how she has the same chandelier hanging in her living room. “We usually play in basements,” she added, obviously in awe of the beautiful venue.

Molly Rankin, Alvvays Front Woman, via Marquette Wire, 2018

Whether we're hosting a band accustomed to basement gigs with a modest meal buyout or welcoming an artist seasoned in touring, our goal remains the same: to transform our theaters into a comforting retreat for touring individuals. We aim to bridge the gap between the onstage familiarity our readers know well, and the behind-the-scenes world that may be less familiar, ensuring that everyone feels at home, no matter where they are in our venue.

Pabst Theater Green Room Lounge Area

Now, let's get to the FOOD, shall we? Backstage, Chef Kevin and his culinary crew whipped up a green room dining experience equally as dreamy ft. Black Bean Soup, Fresh Seasonal Salad, Grilled Atlantic Salmon, & Bucatini Pasta - plus drool worthy desserts by Julie's Pastries including Amaretto Cheesecake, Mini Vegan Chocolate Cakes, & Lemon Panna Cotta. Their menu reads like a love letter to foodies and music enthusiasts alike!

Bucatini Pasta

Having spent the first 5 years of my culinary career living in New Mexico, I truly enjoy preparing dishes common to that area for our guests at the theaters. Generally speaking, the cuisine of New Mexico is an amalgamation of Mexican, Spanish and Native American flavors. Beans are a key ingredient for all sorts of uses in the southwest, but one of my favorite uses is turning them into a nice soup. The version below can be done with chorizo and chicken stock, or with a plant based soy chorizo and vegetable stock for the vegetarians/vegans in your life.  Enjoy. 

Kevin Sloan, Executive Chef, Pabst Theater Group

The full backstage menu

Southwestern Black Bean Soup

What you will need:

1 lb dried black beans (Rancho Gordo brand is one of our fav's)

1 green bell pepper

1 red bell pepper

1 poblano

Spice blend of 2 teaspoons each of Ancho powder/Cumin/Ground chipotle/Salt & pepper

8 oz of chorizo or soy chorizo

Fresh cilantro to taste

2 quarts of chicken or vegetable stock 

1 8oz can tomato sauce 


1 day ahead of time, cover your black beans with water and allow to sit overnight. 

The next day drain your beans and put a pot or dutch oven over medium and allow to pre heat for 2 minutes. 

Once preheated, add a drop of oil, and your chorizo or soy chorzio and allow to brown for a minute. Next add your peppers along with your spice mix and stir. Feel free to add a couple more drops of oil if needed. Be sure to keep your ingredients moving around with a wooden spoon so we don't burn our spices. 

Go ahead and add your black beans and cover with your stock. 

Bring you liquid up to a bowl, at which time you can turn the heat down to low and allow to simmer. 

While stirring occasionally, it will take about 40 minutes for our beans to cook all the way through. 

Once you get to that point, if you have an immersion blender, go ahead and blend for about 30 seconds. We are not looking for a total puree here, but a partial puree with some of the beans still being whole.  

If you only have a traditional blender, take about two cups out of your soup and put it in your blender. 

Allow the soup to cool for 20 minutes or so before blending, then reintroduce your blended ingredients back to your soup pot. 

Chop up some fresh cilantro and stir into the soup along with your can of tomato sauce

At this point we are ready to serve. Some good garnishes for this include tortilla chips or strips, and sour cream or Mexican crema.

20240422_171539 (1).jpg
Grilled Atlantic Salmon


By: Hillary Gunn

Hillary is the Creative Marketing Manager for the Pabst Theater Group. You'll find her behind the scenes curating content right here on our Green Room blog, dreaming up captivating social media campaigns, overseeing the PTG Street Team, and coordinating our dedicated team of house photographers. 


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