Thirsty Thursday: Haunted Edition

Oct. 07 / 2020

We’re well into the creepiest month on the calendar and for those Halloween freaks out there who aren’t able to indulge in the usual festivities given the pandemic…there’s still booze, right? The Riverside Ghost Tours & Hunts (tickets still available!) offer a safe and socially distanced paranormal party option along with some creepy craft cocktails to take the edge off. Sample one of these bone chillers at the Riverside before a tour or recreate your own at home for a spooky night in.


Photo Oct 06, 10 03 26 AM.jpg

Hot (Spiked) Cider

Fresh Local Apple Juice 

Cinnamon, Cardamon, Spices

Rishi Chai Tea 

Jack Daniel’s Apple

For the dry ghosts, this drink is also delicious without the booze.

Photo Oct 06, 10 10 08 AM.jpg

Ecto Cooler


Seasonal Fruit Puree

A twist on the beloved Ghostbusters inspired fruit drink, this is great on its own or with a shot of your favorite spirit (get it?). (4).gif

Witch’s Brew Mule

Butterfly Pea Tea

Lime Juice


Ginger Beer


The spellbinding element of this drink is that the Pea Tea changes from blue to purple to pink when citrus is added.

Photo Oct 06, 9 49 52 AM.jpg

Dragon’s Blood

Cranberry Juice

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

Cinnamon Stick 

Sweet, spicey and (fake) bloody!

Photo Oct 06, 10 00 10 AM (1).jpg

Spooky Sangria

Prophecy Rosé Wine & Red Wine 

Pineapple Juice

Ginger Ale 

Orange Juice 


For those being dragged to the depths of fall while still clinging to summer.

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