Vivarium Variety - #3

Apr. 18 / 2024

We've whipped up a wicked playlist to get you hyped for what's coming up next at the Vivarium! Check out our third installment of "The Vivarium Variety" below.

At its core, this playlist is a celebration of local talent and the thriving music community in Milwaukee. By supporting the artists featured on this playlist, you're not just enjoying great music—you're also helping to sustain and nurture the vibrant cultural ecosystem that makes the city of Milwaukee so special. So, whether you're streaming their songs, attending their shows, or spreading the word to friends and family, your support makes a difference.

One of the joys of attending live shows at the Vivarium is the opportunity to discover hidden gems—artists whose talent leaves you eager for more. As you listen to "The Vivarium Variety" playlist, keep your ears peeled for those standout tracks that capture your attention and leave you craving the live experience. Who knows? You might just stumble upon your new favorite band or singer.


Get listening below! 


By: Hillary Gunn

Hillary is the Creative Marketing Manager for the Pabst Theater Group. You'll find her behind the scenes curating content right here on our Green Room blog, dreaming up captivating social media campaigns, overseeing the PTG Street Team, and coordinating our dedicated team of house photographers. 

North Warren EP Release Show

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