Vivarium Variety: A Playlist - #4

May 16 / 2024

Welcome to the fourth installment of the "Vivarium Variety"! Building on the success of our previous playlists, we're excited to bring you more incredible tracks from Milwaukee's vibrant music scene (both local and touring). This new collection showcases a mix of genres, ensuring there's something for every music taste.

One of the standout aspects of Milwaukee's music community is its rich diversity. In this edition, we've featured artists who not only push the boundaries of their genres but are also actively contributing to the local cultural tapestry.

By streaming, sharing, and attending live shows, you're playing a crucial role in supporting the artists that live in and tour in Milwaukee. Share this post and/or playlist to get the word out, and we hope to see you at a show soon! 


Vivarium Artists In The News:

In addition to the playlist, check out some recent press surrounding the Vivarium, the artists that have come and gone, and the artists yet to play below:

MKE Music Premiere: North Warren's Got The Good Stuff on 'Drugs!'

"Come On, We Don't Get To Play In Milwaukee Every Day!" Marc Ribot brings Jazz-Bins to Vivarium

Vic and Gab Will Reunite as Vic and Gab, open for Vic and Gab as REYNA

The Hip Abduction: Concert Review


By: Hillary Gunn

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